Craft Studio

'Sheer Elegance, Style & Panache'


With a vision for total client satisfaction, each creation goes through a streamlined process. Every piece is exclusively designed as per the brief of the client. Personalization being the key ingredient, each piece is produced, tested for quality and then released to the client. This process has been designed to offer immaculate jewellery as well as abiding by the quality measures laid out by the company.

This enables us to not just craft a modern piece of jewellery, but also enables the client to collect a precious heirloom that shall be passed down for generations.

We provide GIA & IGI Certification as per the requirement of the client. Every piece manufactured also has a buy back policy for clients to offer them the very best. The brand lives by its true meaning where every piece reflects our commitment to timeless splendor and makes every woman feel like a "Diva" in the true sense.