Heart & Soul

'A saga that defines beauty & craftsmanship'


Bespoke jewellery is a matter of passion... true fervor that sparks the inspiration, to create timeless masterpieces. Welcome to Diva Creations. Your personalized jewellery lounge that truly believes in this ethos.

With a legacy of craftsmanship and unique design, Diva has been offering its rare pieces of art for over three decades now. Founded in 1978, Diva is the creation of Paulomi & Naresh Shah who have always believed in offering fine jewellery where quality is given primary significance.

We believe that the art of buying and offering jewellery must be exclusive and personalized, so that each client is offered exceptional creations and individual attention.

Diva Creations is dedicated to manufacturing unique Diamond, Jadau and Gold Jewellery. True art lies in the hands of the creator. At Diva, the best diamond assorters, artisans and designers are quarried from across the country so that every inspiration can be executed into a beautiful reality.

With creations that have traveled to numerous parts of the world, Diva also offers their jewellery collections to some elite showrooms in southern India.

Paulomi & Naresh Shah are a husband wife duo who make up the heart and soul of the company.

Naresh Shah

Naresh is a GIA qualified Expert in Diamond Valuation & Purchasing. His experience and skills in identifying GIA & IGI Certified investment category diamonds sets Diva apart from commercial retailers.

Paulomi Shah

Paulomi not only designs the jewellery line, but also trains the team to progress with the same dedication and creativity. Her eye for design details and finishing is what gives life to every creation.


'Sonnets of craftsmanship & beauty'

Ashini Shah

In its third generation of business, Diva is at the realm of the future with their daughter Ashini Shah. A certified Diamond Grader & a treasure trove of ideas and designs, she is as renowned in the areas of design as she is in offering effective after sales services. Her warmth & zest is a delight for her clients.